Wednesday, 10 October 2012

Tipping point

''After Sunderland's Chased By Wolves sadly called it a day earlier this year, we've been eagerly anticipating material fromIndian Summerthe new project from their frontman Richard Smith, and his first offering Wishing Well certainly doesn't disappoint. This gorgeous, spellbinding track swells with heartbreak, its delicate instrumentation used to perfect effect: a guitar is plucked gently and forlornly, the percussion pounds like heartbeats and a viola swoons with melancholy. 
Smith's earthy vocal is incredibly heartfelt, each line brimming with sincerity,leaving us hanging on his every word. Towards it's end the track takes a dive into the ethereal with whispered, repeated vocal closing on a haunting note. Smith releases his first EP, Autumn is here, and I guess I'm still in Love with You, on Halloween, and if Wishing Well is anything to go by, it'll be the perfect soundtrack to get us through the harsh winter months.''

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